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I’m local to Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal (settler), of Jewish descent (mixed Ashkenazi and Sephardic), and born in Tkaronto/Toronto, yet grew up in Madrid, Spain.

I’m a multi-faceted designer focusing on relational learning and community technology education, and I reflect on my practice through a justice-oriented lens. My work background covers 15+ years of professional experience, including organizational development and team leadership, systemic design education, popular education¹ program design, interdisciplinary product design, and organizational strategy. Specifically, these experiences include:

  • 3 years in higher education, recently, seeding and co-facilitating multiple communities of practice and developing open educational resources; and previously, designing and facilitating learning experiences to empower students to address complex challenges with a systemic design approach²;
  • 6 years in the nonprofit sector designing community technology education³ programs while building an organization focused on digital justice, digital literacy and digital creativity;
  • 7 years in the private sector leading applied research and development (hyperspectral technology, data analysis and geoscience).

In my practice, I think strategically and systemically and attend to multiple (and silent) perspectives. I try to listen deeply and openly share ideas while bridging across sectors.

  1. Popular education is alternative or non-formal education to empower people regardless of their educational background.
  2. The design approach I have explored with students is inspired by the activities and language from the guide Beyond Net Zero: A Systemic Approach (British Design Council, 2021).
  3. I am deeply influenced by the Teaching Community Technology Handbook (Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, 2015). Although much of my work was carried out with public libraries and public schools rather than directly involving communities, the purpose and principles in the work were intentionally aligned with transforming, uplifting, and empowering communities through the use and learning of technologies.




  • Board member of Centre for Community Organizations (COCo; 2015-2022).
    • COCo is a charitable organization whose mission is the support the health and well-being of community organizations in Quebec, with a particular focus on bolstering and amplifying the voices of grassroots organizations. Supported the development of its theory of change, the evolution of its community technology and communication services, and a period of growth and mission transition.
  • Member of the democratic life committee of Solon (2020-2021).
    • Solon is a non-profit whose mission is to inspire and support citizen action through local projects to create lively, solidary and ecological neighbourhoods.
  • Board member of the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre (MUEC ; 2015).
    • MUEC is a charitable organization whose mission is to propose practices and policies for creating ecological, democratic and healthy cities.

Abridged CV

🛠️ Current work

✨ Instructional Designer at Concordia Centre for Teaching and Learning. Sep 2022 – present

Areas of work: Communities of practice, nourishing collaboration, identifying strategic actions through systemic design, open educational resources, information transparency, and enhancing communications.

📚 Candidate for M.A. in Educational Technology at Concordia University. Sep 2020 – May 2024.

✔️ Design consultant for nonprofits. 2014 – present.

Consulting on program design and development, especially on systemic and relational learning, knowledge management, and their intersection with digital technologies. Past clients include Social Impact Consulting, Visual Arts Centre, Solon Collective, and Vida Sana.

⌛ Past work experience (selected)

Instructional Designer Consultant at Concordia Continuing Education. 2022.

Design of a 3-course cybersecurity proficiency certification program for non-technical professionals. Included market research, preliminary course design, high-level design with subject matter experts, and reviewing instructional design implementation.

Coordinator at the Innovation Lab, Concordia University. 2021 – 2022.

Designed and coordinated interdisciplinary student teams using a systemic design approach to address complex challenges in a living lab.

Director of the digital literacy project AlphaNumérique at Techno Culture Club. 2020 – 2021.

Project in collaboration with Bibliopresto.ca and other key Quebec library associations or organizations. Leading a team of 15 staff in designing and providing basic digital literacy training in close collaboration with public libraries and community organizations across the province of Quebec.

Co-director at the non-profit Techno Culture Club. 2016 – 2020.

Redesigned and developed a nonprofit “that promotes and supports digital literacy and digital justice to make technology and digital culture more accessible, equitable, and participatory.” Under my co-leadership, the organization became renowned in the Quebec library and cultural sectors for its creative and participatory approaches to bringing digital literacy and creativity to new audiences.

Director of Research and Development at Photonic Knowledge. 2009 – 2014.

📚 Education (selected)

Candidate for Masters of Arts in Educational Technology at Concordia University. 2020 – 2024.

Masters of Science in Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University. 2004 – 2008.